Women’s Health Superwomen to Follow

I think it’s important to surround yourself with the people that educate, inspire, and empower you.


When I was compiling this list of women, I couldn’t help but think that each one of them has shaped who I have become, influenced how I show up in the world, and impacted the type of coach I am today.


Maybe you are just getting started in your search for better health, or perhaps you are ready to hone in on a specific issue you’ve been struggling with for years…whatever the case, I’m hoping you can find a resource here you resonate with that will help you in your journey 🙂


~Dr. Mariza Snyder (Essential Oils jedi and has such a bubbly soul)

~Dr. Carrie Jones (DUTCH hormone testing and educator)

~Dr. Jolene Brighten (Advocating for women going through Post Birth Control Syndrome)

~Nicole Jardim (Getting to Know your Period and embracing the phases of change – plus she’s a total sweetheart)

~Steph Gadreau (No BS approach to becoming the best version of yourself)

~Laurie King (aka muscle hamster – best friend and total badass – enough said)

~Jessica Drummond (CEO of Integrative Women’s Health – science ninja)

~Dr. Aviva Romm (Thyroid & Adrenal balance and midwifery – lover her woowoo energy and vibe)

~Dr. Lara Briden (Period Repair Manual – THEE bible for learning about your body, ladies)

~Dr. Fiona McCulloch (PCOS wizard – the only thing that helped me through my struggle with PCOS, naturally)

~Dr. Trevor Cates (Healthy Skin from Within – amazing recipes and natural remedies for your skin)

~Gregg Renfrew (Founder of Beautycounter and advocate for safer personal care products)

~Stesha Reukauf (yours truly, nutrition coach who prioritizes balance through nutrition, training, and life)


If you have any questions on how I became a coach and how you can too, DM me and I’d be happy to share with you my journey.


Muah xoxo

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