Have you ever tried to lose weight by pushing harder & harder at the gym, doing what USED to work for you, only to find that you’re actually GAINING weight instead of losing?

Adrenal Fatigue may be to blame

There are more & more people in their 20s-30s experiencing adrenal issues due to the stressors in life & our inability to turn off or adapt

Think about it. Stress doesn’t just come from nagging bosses & fights with our husband…it can come from all this, too:

● physical stress from injuries / surgery, disease / illness  , inflammatory diet, addiction / abuse, exercise

● emotional stress from a challenging marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, strained work relationships, a new baby, financial insecurity or any number of hardships 

● environmental stress from chemical pollution of air, water, food, drugs 

● and more

Add on 1-2 hrs of HIIT on to an already overwhelming day & you’ve got a recipe for high cortisol & possibly even burnout

But it might not feel like burnout at first. In fact, it can feel energized, fun, & even productive!

You see, adrenal fatigue occurs on a spectrum

Things start off in a persistent state of arousal – we can this phase 1 – where cortisol is high & we are busy running around accomplishing things

I LOVED this feeling, tbh


there’s one little problem

excessive circulating cortisol causes fat to be deposited right around the middle –  like a spare tire or even a sort of a beach ball in the belly look — very similar to what we see in insulin resistance

And this extra weight causes more fatigue & a higher propensity for estrogen dominance!

NOT GOOD if we are trying to excel at our work, hit PRs in the gym, & look hot in our black leggings

So what do we do?!

Tomorrow I’ll hit you with 8 THINGS you can do NOW to protect yourself from burnout (or begin recovery from burnout) so you can get the body you want all while crushing it in the gym & being productive AF at work.

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