Why ‘Poor Egg Quality’ is not a Death Sentence

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Have you received the diagnosis from your fertility specialist that your ‘eggs are not good enough’ and that the ONLY way to have a baby is ‘through IVF & donor eggs’?


The majority of my fertility clients have gotten this ‘death sentence’ diagnosis

And because of such, they enter a vortex of self-defeating thoughts, blame, shame, & feelings of unworthiness which puts them one step farther from conceiving naturally & getting pregnant

Wanna stop being told that your body isn’t good enough and ACTUALLY start taking steps towards improving your fertility? I gotchu mamma

But first – a lil something you didn’t know about me…

Mindset is a huge passion of mine. For the last 3 years, I’ve studied psychology, the mind-body connection, hypnosis, NLP, & neuroplasticity…

And when I overcame my own childhood traumas & fertility challenges, it was made possible by one thing: my ability to shape my beliefs, thoughts & emotions.

Inside Holistic Fertility Method (HFM), we have an entire module that teaches you to identify & move past your emotional & mental barriers…but I’ll give you a quick teaser in the meantime.


Nothing in this journey is going to be more important that stress reduction.. If the body & mind are wound up, it’s impossible for conception to take place. Tension & anxiety cause the body to react by switching ON the sympathetic nervous system – which puts the body into survival mode – not the reproductive mode.

Stress reduction can look like prioritizing 20-30 minutes for. If you are using the excuse that you ‘don’t have time’ to fit in 20 minutes, then we’ve got bigger problems.


Those silent stressors are NOT the day to day schedule, finances, etc, but instead the negative EMOTIONAL RESPONSES we have to these day to day occurrences. I’m talking about past & present traumas that influence our perception of our realities. The biggies I see often are: unworthiness & perfectionism. When I hear a woman say, “I’ve already worked on all my past issues,” we almost always find that there are deeper levels in the subconscious mind that were overlooked.

Hypnotherapy is the best way to identify and process emotional traumas that are generating stress in your life and creating blocks in your fertility.


This concept is best explained using an analogy. Picture a bucket with a finite volume of energy you get to expend each day. Our issues – past and present – are going to drain the bucket of energy. So if you hate your job or put in a ton of overtime, you are using up a ton of extra energy at the workplace. If you have a rotten family member – maybe it’s an alcoholic parent, an irresponsible sibling, or passive aggressive in-law, you’re going to feel drained, exhausted, and defeated – you are essentially draining your energy bucket.

Many women who want to get pregnant are giving away the very energy they need for successful reproduction to take place. Is your mind & body exhausted? Make an honest evaluation of your present situation – how much does your job, relationships, finances affect your energy bucket? Can you change the way you show up in these circumstances in order to change the outcome?

I’ve seen women try to circumvent doing stress reduction work by using IVF procedures – even donor eggs – and end up spending 10s of thousands of dollars and still no baby.

So if you don’t have unlimited finances, started with stress reduction is ESSENTIAL.

If you found this information valuable, APPLY to our HFM program and get on day list! Enrollment is OPEN for our first ever beta round – prices WILL go up after this round. 

So if you are on the fence about it, get on a call and let’s see if this is going to be the perfect fit for you in your fertility journey.

Can’t wait to see you in there mamma!

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