This is so good, you guys! I mean, who here has eaten something purely for the feeling it brought you?! I know I have MANY times! Just last night my husband and I had ice cream after a CF competition

The feeling? Comfort, connection, soothing, and DELICIOUSNESS

But what happens when emotional eating becomes a negative relationship controlling the wellbeing of your life?

Well that just sucks!

Knowing the WHY behind emotional eating helps us unpack the baggage and shame we feel around it

It also helps us understand the connection between our conditioned beliefs, habitual thoughts, and programmed emotions so we can change out the pieces that aren’t serving us

Just imagine what your life could be like if you could replace those nasty thoughts with positive ones…just imagine the possibilities!

I want you to know that change happens in an instant. It happens with ONE decision. Right NOW.

Head to my Instagram Story Highlight named Mindset Shift right NOW to find out HOW to discover your conditioned beliefs, WHY you emotionally eat, and then HOW to unlock this change for yourself

Let’s do this! #selflovesunday 📸 @cottercrunch

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