Why Every Woman Should Learn to do a Pull-Up

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My goal for every one of my female clients is to perform a strict pull-up.

Here are my reasons why every woman should learn how to do a pullup:

  • They’re effective, time-efficient and strengthen the upper body, which is something most females lack.
  • Pull-ups require a strong, lean, athletic body, which is exactly what most women desire.
  • Pull-ups are very EMPOWERING for women. People in the gym are always impressed when a woman busts out a set of strict pull-ups.
  • And for me, standing there while your client performs a set of strict pull-ups makes you look like a badass coach….

Most female athletes, including me, go from that first day of looking up at the bar and doubting themselves to being able to do strict pull-ups on the rings.

The secret to doing a pull-up is doing A LOT of pull-ups (sufficient volume and frequency to get good at them). Most people will try too hard and fry themselves on the first set.

This results in not being able to do sufficient volume and therefore lack adequate practice time.

Instead, pace yourself. Start at a level that allows you to do at least 3-5 reps on the first set with another 1-2 reps left in the tank. Use a band or machine-assist if needed.

Do a set of pull-ups between each set of other non-competing exercises (i.e. squatting or upper body pressing – not rows or deadlifts).

Stop each set about 2 reps short of total failure and do as many sets as necessary to get at least 15-25 total pull-ups in a session. Each session try to do a few more total reps and soon you will find you can get more reps on those first few sets.​

Click HERE for a Pull-up progression written by Chris Stroud. This progression takes you through all the steps in order to conquer the pull-up in a safe and effective manner.

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