Why Am I So F**king Tired?!

There’s only so much that nutrition & sleep can do – sure, they’re amazing places to start, but what if you have the macros, sleep, & training dialed in but you ’re still feeling exhausted & overwhelmed from the moment you wake up until you go to bed?

Perhaps it has to do with what you’re doing DURING the day that has an effect on your energy levels.

We can’t expect to blow our adrenal load day in & day out & expect to recover from that with 5-6 hrs of sleep.

It’s the same concept when you start training…you don’t just go out & run 10 miles 5 days a week & expect that your food & sleep is going to be enough to recover you from that – no, you’d be training outside your means of recovery.

The same is true with this hustle mindset – we’re living outside our means of stress recovery by working long hrs without any breaks, multitasking, managing 10 thousand tabs on your laptop (guilty), taking on too many commitments, & letting negative relationships reside in our space.

What does living outside your means of stress recovery look like?

Well to start, you wake up tired, you drink a pot of coffee just to function, you may have to take a nap midday, you crave sweets, sugar, & alcohol at night, your mood is blah around your friends & family, & you complain about never having time to do the things that make you happy – hell, you might not even know what makes you happy anymore…

Not only do we feel like shit, but our body starts to break down. Our skin looks older & more wrinkled, we forget things, we can’t think as clearly due to slow cognition, our immune system tanks & we begin to get sick more often, maybe even develop an autoimmune disease, our hunger hormones are all over the place, not to mention our sex drive is meh…

This hustle mindset has got to end. We cannot run ourselves ragged all day long & expect the 5-6 hours of sleep we get at night to recover us from that shit. Burnout is a real thing & it’s just around the corner folks.

Not only do we need to implement breaks, but we need to start implementing more self-care into these breaks (and no, scrolling social media does not count here). Instead we can minimize the stress we perceive through gratitude, get outside with the sun & walk in nature, getting clear on our own ability to handle stress, & learning to say ‘no’ to the things that aren’t a ‘hell yes’, eliminating caffeine from coffee & pre-workouts, implementing a bedtime routine of meditation, reading, & limiting blue light.

How do we know if we are living within our means of stress load?

For me, it’s when I wake up each day with energy & excitement, I couldn’t care less if the coffee pot was working, I am able to slip into deep & creative thought throughout the day, I have at least an hour per day to play, wonder & process the day, I am eager to hang out with people & follow through on the commitments I make to them, just to name a few.

Love to hear the promises you are willing to make yourself this week! Let’s go fam!!