White Spandex – Achieving Unicorn Status

Let’s get REAL and talk about what it REALLY took for me to feel confident wearing tiny white spandex shorts…

Many people look at the finished product of nutrition and training program (i.e. the after picture) and think, “I want that!” without knowing the full story. Without knowing themselves or what they are willing to sacrifice.
In this post I want to give you an example of my own fitness and nutrition journey. Because I didn’t just wake up like this…I failed and failed and through my failures I found the answer that worked best for ME.

If you’re anything like me you’ve failed at dieting a HUNDRED times over.

You wake up Monday morning, try to eat as little as possible, then “fall off the wagon” by Thursday, thus repeating the cycle over and over. Creating layers of guilt, shame, and hatred toward your body.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want you to give up and fall victim to your life situation. Because it is just that – a situation – it is NOT your life. You too can DO the work both inside and out and get KILLER results…you just need a guide to hold your hand through the rocky parts 🙂

So here’s a quick recap on my OWN “transformation” (thus far) – I hope you can relate and find relief that you’re not alone in this:
2008. I came from a background of long distance running – half marathons and trail runs were my jam – not only did it give me the opportunity to clear my head, get outside, and experience nature, but it was also a means to an end – stay skinny.

See I had an insatiable sweet tooth and loved to bake. What a recipe for disaster (mmm yep, that’s a pun). I’m talking cookie dough, brownies, pies, you name it. So go for a 3 hour trail run and indulge on the pan of cake was life.

Here is an outline of the next 3 years

2014. Fast forward to post college life and desk bound career choice and I got fluffy. Real fluffy. No longer did I have the time or opportunity to burn the sugar – but alas I was still addicted to the sugar.

2015. Enter low carb dieting. What an experience that was! Sugar cravings were cured, hooray, but now I was heavily restricted in food choices, tracking, and just life in general. I was one of those people who were obsessed with low carb dieting, yet still drank on the weekends. Ya no – that shit doesn’t work.

Late 2015. Enter Crossfit. Kudos for anyone who thinks they’ve defied human metabolism and can perform well in Crossfit while in ketosis. Not this girl. Before the days I was educated in physiology, strength and conditioning, and metabolism it never crossed my mind that I’d soon be hitting a brick wall with little carbs to fuel intense workouts.

Hitting metcons every day along with a little running on the side all while restricting carbs to less than 50g per day can only last for so long. About 3 months to be exact.

2016. Enter Flexible Dieting and counting macros. Cha-Ching. Talk about the holy grail of optimizing performance and body composition all while staying healthy, balanced, and MINDFUL (<
So what did it take for me to feel confident in white shorts and achieve, what I like to call, “unicorn status?”

A guess and check, 9-year and error, 9-year journey to realize that health, mindset and happiness come FIRST, and body composition comes SECOND.

What I mean by that is that you must FIRST list your non-negotiables. That’s step number uno.

Do you love date-night at the movies with popcorn? Or beer while watching football on the weekends? Done. How about feeling energized through your day without mood swings? Or sleeping through the night? Or performing well in the gym and at competitions? Badass. But know these things are important in your life and without them you would be significantly unhappier, so please don’t deny yourself of them!

Next you can create your body comp goals. Duh everyone wants to look like a Vicky’s Secret bombshell. But are you willing to give up date night, beer, PRs, and life as you know it to attain that? Probably not.
So let’s just be realistic now and shoot for a BODY that maybe feels a little lighter and a MIND that works a littler faster by optimizing food quality.
That’s a very reasonable goal all while including your non negotiables.

From that point you can now look towards getting the body you want – but only until the work INSIDE happens first.

As a coach, I’m going to help you get you towards whatever goal you want.

Lean and shredded? Let’s do it! But we will always have the talk before hand of what it’s going to take, what are the sacrifices, where are you at metabolically, what is the time frame, and what are the expectations. That’s reasonable, right?

The takeaway I want you to have from this article is that development as an athlete, achievement of your ideal body comp, or whatever else your goal may be, takes TIME and a lot of trial and error. A lot of trust. And a lot of patience.

If you have this understanding along with an open mind, you’ll get what you want! Just be easy on yourself and give your body a fighting chance to adapt by sticking with your program, by trusting your coach, and just doing the damn work.

Mental and physical health along with radiant confidence comes in all shapes, sizes, body fat percentages, sometimes with some cellulite and stretch marks, sometimes with some extra muscles and arm veins – there is no one size fits all.

Achieving unicorn status is about finding your OWN method, your OWN true self and wearing it loud and proud. It’s about overcoming your own BS and limiting thoughts so you too, can feel confident in “white spandex.” And, in the meantime, understand that others are only trying to do the same.

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