Where Happiness Truly Lies

My thighs touch
My belly is soft
And my triceps sag

And ya know what? I couldn’t be more proud and at peace in my own skin.

This past year, I finally made a life outside of counting macros and training in the gym.

Not that these things are bad, but too much of it, for the wrong reasons, leads to a sad imbalance.

We think the 6 pack abs, the Fran PR, and the big promotion are going to bring newfound happiness and confidence to our lives.


When we get the things, we’re just as empty (if not moreso) than you were before.

If you’re ruining relationships, friendships, health, and well being just to ‘get there,’ please stop and ask WHY before you lose everything.

My advice today couldn’t be more cliche…”happiness comes from within, not from external looks and material things.” Struggling to find peace and happiness from within?

Getting in touch with your higher power on a daily basis and truly, whole-heartedly believing that He is perfect and you were made in His image.

Having this unwavering belief that God loves you ALWAYS and that nothing about his love needs to be earned gives us the grace to love ourselves and others through our journey.

Where are you in your journey? Are you at one end of the extremes? The middle? Love to hear from you ☀️


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