What Your Period Says About Your Fertility Status

Are you TEAM heavy or TEAM light?

We’re talking all about periods today, folks

& what they can tell us about our hormone & fertility status

Too many women are putting their energy into the wrong area of focus when trying to get pregnant

Obsessing about BBT measurements, spending $50/month on OPK tests, driving their partners nuts…

I commend you for caring so deeply, but it’s all a waste of time if your periods are a mess & you’re not even sure you’re ovulating…

So let me help a sister out – what period TEAM are you?

TEAM: Dark, thick & clotty

Periods are heavvvvvy with clots & last 5-7+ day

Possible Causes:

High estrogen: means the uterine lining could be thicker than normal

Normal estrogen, but low progesterone: P balances out the effects of E – if P is low, the uterine lining can grow thickkkk

Lack of uterine circulation : try these for improvement: yoga, Self Fertility Massage, walking

Dehydration : drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. of water/day

Endometriosis: inflammatory condition resulting in thickening of the uterine lining, heavy blood flow, pain, excessive clotting

Uterine obstructions: fibroids, polyps, adhesions that may impede proper menstrual blood flow

Inflammation: taking pain meds for painful cramps? Could be a sign of high inflammation, prostaglandins

TEAM: Light & Scanty

Period blood looks like watered-down strawberry jam. Bleed last for 1-3 days

Possible causes:

Low estrogen:  less estrogen means thinner uterine lining

Nutrient deficiencies: a diet lacking in proteins, healthy fats & cholesterol

Low vitality: due to over exercising, low calorie intake, hypothyroidism

TEAM: Mid-Cycle Spotting  

Possible causes:

Estrogen drop after ovulation: This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as everything else is looking A-OK with your period

Low progesterone: spotting a few days before your period comes indicates an unstable uterine lining

Ovarian cyst rupture: if you experience a sharp pain on either side of your lower abdomen followed by a slight bleeding around the time ovulation should occur

What TEAM are you on? Comment below and I’ll send you the period-healing protocol for your specific issue

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  1. I got off the pill in early October. Still haven’t had a period and I’m not pregnant. This happened years ago when I went off the pill and I didn’t have a period for about a year until I went back on the pill. My doctor doesn’t seem to be concerned, but I am.

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