What is Supplement Creep?

If you’re immersed in the health & fitness space, you’ve had your fair share of supplements thrown at you.

And then you start trying them – collagen in your coffee, vitamins 3X/ day, carbohydrate powder in your postworkout shake, and soon your bathroom closet looks more like a pharmacy (I know mine does!)

My friends, this is called Supplement Creep – hilarious name, but totally real…

First, you stick with the essentials, then you add the herbs, then maybe a detox cleanse, and don’t forget the performance enhancers!

But if you never take time to assess if it ACTUALLY helps you, you’ll end up with too many over time and wasting them dolla bills.

How do we do this? Simply discontinue and see how you respond.

**NOTE I didn’t say MEDICATIONS 😉 Only dietary supplements that were NOT recommended by your doc** 😉

So how do you WEAN off supplements?

Start with the supplements that are least helpful…you have a hunch as to which ones they are…for me it was adrenal support, liver health, and estrogen detox supplements – After 3 months I noticed the benefit was no longer there.

Do you go cold turkey?

There’s no right answer, but I personally wean off slowly for a couple weeks, then eliminate after that. Best to cut 1 supp out at a time to nail down which you need, which you don’t.

What should I be looking for?

Take notice if any of the symptoms you had previously start to regress (assuming you started taking a supp for a particular reason ;). I.e. I started taking Saw Palmetto religiously after quitting HBC and broke out in cystic acne – now my acne has resided, so I began to wean off – so far no cystic acne 😀

Don’t overthink this. If something is helping or not, it should be apparent. Look for drastic changes, not super subtle ones. We are human, after all, and going to have daily fluctuations of feeling hot and feeling not; we’re not robots 😉

When to add supplements back in?

Personally, I’ll add in a supplement whenever I need it. I.e. if I have a stressful week coming up (ahem, like my wedding in a couple weeks), you better bet I’m going to pop some adrenal support, Vitamin C, B complex, and probiotic to keep the effects of stress from derailing my body.