What Happens Upstream Affects What Happens Downstream

What happens UPSTREAM affects what happens DOWNSTREAM.

In terms of functional nutrition, we are always asking the question ‘WHY, HOW, and WHAT’. Why do you have these symptoms?

How did these symptoms evolve?

What path did you take in order to experience these symptoms?

The answer to these questions involves looking upstream from the downstream symptom.

For example, if you’re experiencing gas and bloating after a meal you COULD take beano to relieve your symptoms and go about your day without changing your diet and lifestyle.

Or you could ask the question ‘why am I experiencing this glass gas and bloating?’ Am I eating too quickly, am I not chewing my food enough, am I not creating enough stomach acid and digestive enzymes, do I have a bacterial imbalance, etc.? These questions provide awareness and challenge your habits. They also provide a solution to your symptoms.

I challenge you to ask yourself the question ‘WHY’ when you are experiencing a certain symptom.

Whether it’s a headache, anxiety, depression, gas and bloating, heavy periods, missing periods, etc. – ask the question why and see if there is anything upstream that might be causing the downstream symptom.

Spoiler alert 🚨 there’s likely many.
We would love to hear what you are dealing with and some of the things that you’ve tried in the past to help either relieve the symptoms or look up stream and ask the question ‘why’! And as a reminder…There is no shame in treating the symptom, but let’s do better and continue asking ‘why’ so we can get to the root of the problem and fix the symptoms once and for all.

Together we can change the healthcare system. One awareness at a time -peace

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