What does ‘fertility’ mean to you?

Most of us think about baby bumps, baby showers, and crying babies when we hear the word ‘fertility’. Which, for most of us ladies, makes us want to run for the hills. But what does the word ‘fertility’ really mean and what does it have to do with you?

Clearing up the ‘fertility’ misconception

Whether pregnancy is on the radar right now, in the future, or possibly never, the goal should always be about FERTILITY.

Wait what? Fertility means having a healthy ovulation (release of an egg) and a healthy period (release of the uterine lining).

A healthy ovulation is a sign that hormones are in balance, that cycles are normal, and that, if pregnancy is the goal, the body can support a baby full term.

If we’re not ovulating, however, we aren’t releasing an egg. And if we aren’t releasing an egg, then we aren’t creating enough estrogen and progesterone. And if we aren’t creating enough of those healthy sex hormones, hundreds of cells, tissues, and organs in our body suffer.

For example, if ovulation isn’t occurring consistently, we run the risk of infertility (duh), bone density loss, heavy painful periods, and even risk for uterine lining cancers.

So regardless if pregnancy is the goal now, in the near future, or never, the goal is to be as ‘fertile’ as possible, meaning healthy ovulation and balanced hormones.

Unsure about what to do next?

First, consider reading about what a normal period should look like. Click here

Then, consider learning how to track fertility. Click here

Hopefully after reading these 2 posts, you’ll recognize if you are indeed fertile and ovulating or if you need to do some work to restore health.

In need some extra help? Consider resources such as Beyond the PIll and Period Repair Manual.

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