What big decision do you need to make?

I’m not here to see ‘IF’ this works => I’m certain this WILL work

2 days ago I made the decision to hang up my ‘cape’ as a health coach

It seems like yesterday when I made a similar decision to leave my unfulfilling career as a Chemical Engineer to pursue my own coaching business

What can I say?

I’m always adapting, always learning, always growing

And as a new mom, there’s been a lot of that lately!

So how did I get to this decision?

As a mom, you start to make sacrifices the moment you find out you’re pregnant

You sacrifice your body, your energy, your time

You start thinking about OTHERS, not just yourself

You’re not thinking about the next night out…

You’re thinking about the kind of family you want

The kind of mom you want to be, the type of experience you want for your babies

I always knew I wanted to be a present mom

One that chose to smile, laugh & dance in the moment

Not the one who was worried about a perfectly clean house

Not the one who was worried about getting to the office

Not the one who was resentful that she doesn’t have any time for herself

And that’s why 2 days ago I made the decision to actually ACT

Because that future wasn’t going to happen trading time, energy, & sanity for money

And that’s why I decided to…

Trade $10,000 a month for the POTENTIAL to earn $10,000+ a WEEK

Trade schedules & time constraints for TIME FREEDOM

Trade a career that will only help a few for one that SERVES MANY

Trade energy depleting to energy GENERATING

And that’s why I decided to trade…


And here’s the lesson in all this, my friend

You don’t have to be exhausted, burnt out & resentful to know that you ‘earned’ that paycheck

You don’t have to keep your head down & ‘push through it’ to know that you deserve your position

You don’t have to ‘stick it out’ because you fear looking like a failure

You get to CHOOSE a career where you love what you’re doing

I’m living proof of what that looks like

And there isn’t anything special about me, EXCEPT for the fact that I’m unwilling to settle for an average, stressed out, meaningless life

What big decision do you need to make?

I’m here to support you mamma


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