What About PCOS Makes it So Hard to Get Pregnant?!

Most women with PCOS think their PCOS diagnosis is a death-sentence to a hard, struggling journey to get pregnant.

You might have gotten sucked into this trap as well because if you’re not ovulating, then there’s no way for you to get pregnant, so therefore you must be infertile…

And I get it, EVERYONE tells you that’s how it is and even worse, that there’s nothing you can do about it…

As a result, everything you do feels like an uphill battle…

> OPK Tests? …all over the place

> BBT charts? …looks more like a jagged line

Before you know it, you’re seeing a fertility specialists discussing treatments to induce ovulation because your body can’t do it on it’s own…Or can it?!

This video will identify the 3 common hormonal imbalances at the root of nearly all women with PCOS who are struggling to conceive.

Once we get to the root, we can begin reversing the symptoms so you can go from Desperate to Conceive to Empowered Mamma-To-Be.

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Bringing awareness to these hormonal imbalances is the first step to getting pregnant with PCOS, but this alone won’t be enough…

So that’s why I created PCOS Fertility Breakthrough – a 5 part training series designed to get to the root cause of your PCOS, find out exactly when you’re ovulating (and what to do if you are not), and how to regulate your cycle for consistent, symptomless periods every month.

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