Water Retention Explained

One sign that your adrenals need some love is unexplained water retention.

Hard to take your rings off your swollen fingers?
Noticing indents in your ankles left by your socks?
What about waking up puffy and inflamed after just one glass of wine?

These could all be signs that your adrenals are dysfunctional…here’s why:

The adrenals work to increase blood flow throughout the body as cortisol works with aldosterone (both made in the adrenal cortex).

Cortisol helps to maintain blood sugar, while aldosterone helps to retain sodium and maintain blood pressure.

When we retain more sodium, we also retain more water, which increases blood volume and blood pressure. When we retain less sodium, we also retain less water, which decreases blood volume and blood pressure.

When the signaling process in the body called the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis is dysregulated, we can end up with either high / low cortisol and high / low aldosterone.

Basically what we’re saying is that when you’re really stressed and overwhelmed all the time; noticing fatigue in the morning; feeling ‘wired but tired’ in the evening; relying on a bunch of caffeine and sugar to get through your day; and noticing a bunch of unexplained water retention…then these are all signs that your adrenals may need some love.

How to Show Your Adrenal Some Love:

  • reduce HIIT exercise like yesterday
  • anti-inflammatory diet (no gluten, dairy, GMO-produce, or inorganic proteins)
  • eat breakfast upon waking, eat every 3-4hrs, include palm-size protein/meal
  • water intake at least half your body weight + 15oz/hr exercise
  • cut the caffeine and sugar (gradually)
  • shoot for 800g fruits/veggies / day
  • aim for 35-45g fiber / day
  • try a probiotic am and pm on empty stomach
  • try a calming herbal adaptogen
  • try magnesium before bed (150-500mg)
  • sleep 8-9 hrs
  • coincide NEAT (8-10k steps) with nature
  • get clear on your values/priorities to learn to say ‘no’
  • yoga, mediate, pray, journal daily

Are you experiencing any water retention or frustrating bloating? Ready to get rid of it?! Give me a hell ya!

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