Using the Pill to Manage your Symptoms does not Make you a Failure

Last week I was called an ‘anti-feminist’ (by a man, no less) after sharing my own story of being on the pill.

Although this made me giggle, it made me think – am I being clear for what I stand for?

To a point, I cannot control what others think, they are viewing their world through their own lens, as am I. And that’s ok!

That being said, I want to be clear – Hormonal birth control is YOUR choice and I am PRO CHOICE.

What I am not ok with is NOT having that choice.

If you are anything like me, you strolled into that doctor’s office at age 16 not knowing there were other options to prevent pregnancy or mange period symptoms and acne.

Not only were we unaware of other choices, but we also felt shamed into taking the pill as a ‘responsible decision to prevent pregnancy & ovarian cancer.’ Or perhaps you were in so much pain as a teenager, the only option that kept you in school &at a job was to take the pill to manage your symptoms.

You blindly accepted the prescription without any discussion of other methods, nor were you taken by the hand & educated on how the pill worked or possible long-term side effects to health and fertility.

If you were like me & unaware that there was a choice, that’s where we need to stand up & demand better.

Would I have been responsible enough to take on tracking my periods & abstain during my fertile window at age 16? Probably not. But I can assure you that my daughters will be.

Many of you also follow @drjolenebrighten, a compassionate medical doctor speaking up & advocating proper care for women.

In a post (titled the same as above) she writes, “if you choose to use birth control to manage your symptoms that is 100% your right. Just like it is your right to understand what it does in your body, how to stay safe on it, what your doctor should be monitoring, and what it looks like when the big, scary things hit.” So remember ladies, whether you are using it as a form of contraceptive or a way to manage symptoms, that’s your choice. And anyone bullying you in any direction is likely just trying to give you advice on what they think is best.

I hope you see that, understand that, and honor your body however you think is best ❤️

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