Today I woke up feeling like burning garbage

My clothes don’t fit. My body is mush. My legs are covered in cellulite. I don’t sleep. I’m anxious & paranoid. My pelvis aches. My uterus hurts. My neck is full of knots. My eye sockets throb with pain. And my mood has been sucked into the deepest depth of depression.

The ‘what is wrong with me and why can’t I do this?” feeling keeps tormenting me.

Then I went for a walk. I tuned out the world. I tuned out my thoughts. I breathed in the fresh air. I stood in the sun. I felt grounded. I felt centered. Suddenly I was able to put everything into perspective.
You are successfully running 2 businesses. You are building a house. You are growing a healthy baby girl. You got this mamma.

You are not a failure. You’re allowed to have bad days. You are justified in your struggles. You have a husband made of gold. Know that you are loved, seen, heard, understood. 

Being a mom is literally jumping from feeling on top of the world to feeling like you can’t even take another step, but just take the next breath. Draw a hot bath and have yourself a little sob session. 

You got this mamma. You are not alone.


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