Thyroid Hormone & Your Ability to Conceive

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Did you know your thyroid demands go up 60% when you’re pregnant?

It’s no wonder a thyroid issue could prevent you from conceiving

There may not be ANYTHING wrong with you – in fact, your body may be doing EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do!

Not cool, though, when you have an UNDETECTED thyroid issue keeping you from getting pregnant!

Nearly 60% of women with a thyroid issue who are TTC, pregnant, or postpartum go undetected!

So what affects thyroid function?

There are a number of things like environmental toxins, missing nutrients, infections…the big one is cortisol

Cortisol affects thyroid in 3 ways:

1. Decreases T4 production

2. Interferes with conversion of T4 to T3 (active form)

3. Creates cellular resistance to T3

The reason is this: when you face a stressor (physical, mental, emotional), your adrenals allocate resources to SURVIVE & RECOVER from said stressor – this takes away resources to keep thyroid & metabolism a blazing

The result? Hypothyroidism…



-feeling cold

-dry hair & nails

-weight gain around middle

-irregular / anovulatory cycles


Why is this important for fertility?

Simple: if thyroid’s low, you won’t get adequate energy to the reproductive system

I highly recommended to get a thyroid work up if you have irregular periods, are struggling to get pregnant, or have had recurrent miscarriages

Normalizing your TSH, T4 & T3 not only improve your chances of getting pregnant & carrying baby full term, but it drastically decreases your risk of pregnancy complications, fetal development issues, preterm labor, poor milk production & postpartum depression

Already pregnant?

Get tested

If you know you’re already hypothyroid, you’ll likely want to increase thyroid medication by 30-50% during pregnancy – consult your doc on this, obvi

Finding the right provider

Just remember, doc may know anatomy & physiology better than you, but you know YOU better than anyone – so trust in what your heart, mind, body & soul are telling you and don’t settle on being dismissed if you think you have thyroid issue <3

The road to finding a trusting provider is not easy, but I’m here in your corner rooting for you mamma!


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