Thoughts Become Things

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you want to feel radiant & confident in your body

And losing weight to fit into a size 4 jeans is your ticket to that feeling


have you ever considered what influence your mindset & self talk has on your physiology?

I want you to embody these thoughts & tell me what you feel

🧟‍♀️I hate the way I look & I’ll never be healthy & happy
🧟‍♀️No wonder he doesn’t want to go out with me, I’m look so gross
🧟‍♀️Why does she have a better body than me, she doesn’t even workout

Probably feeling a lot of hate, shame, guilt, negatively, hopelessness, & depression

Now I want you to embody these thoughts & tell me what you feel

🧚🏼‍♀️I’m on my own unique journey & transcending my limiting beliefs
🧚🏼‍♀️I can figure out any problem that lies ahead of me
🧚🏼‍♀️I’m trusting of my body to lead me to health & happiness

Probably a lot of joy, excitement, gratitude & hope

Have you ever wondered the mechanism in which we feel?

Feelings come from neuropeptides binding to receptors in the body. Feelings are actually measurable chemicals in the blood!

Which begs the question – what OTHER effect do these chemicals have in our body besides resulting in an overall feeling?


pretty big effects, if you ask me!

Theses chemicals can influence your GENES & PHYSIOLOGY

That’s right, your thoughts (the language of your mind), lead to emotions (the language of your body), which result in your reality

I know it’s hard to keep up the same level of joy and gratitude when everything seems so hopeless

I know it’s easy to have the thoughts “well why even bother, why even care if I’m just going to be the same old me no matter what”

But that THOUGHT & BELIEF could be the thing keeping you from seeing change

We’ve been brainwashed that we have to see the external thing appear FIRST before we believe it

But I’m suggesting you already believe you have it & your physiology will follow suit

This isn’t woo woo, this is reality, this is quantum physics, this is how you manifest the life you want

Health is so much more than a set of macros & cabinet full of supplements

Health is holistic, interconnected, & POSSIBLE for you

You’ve just gotta BELIEVE ❤

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