This Time, it’s Personal. Why I’m a Beautycounter Advocate

Take a look around, there’s likely one person you now that has been affected by cancer, endocrine conditions, infertility, or maybe even a child born with endocrine issues.

It’s no coincidence that the rates of these diseases are on the increase – right in conjunction with the number of environmental compounds we are exposed to on a daily basis.

And THIS is why I am such a believer to get the awareness into your hands so YOU can make the decision of what is right for you. I used to be so closed minded about what effects the environment might be having on my body and mind. I grew up on a wheat farm in Montana – to say that our family is conservative is putting it lightly.

So what what was the turning point in which I started to think critically about this stuff? AWARENESS.

I first starting reading about the root causes of hormonal imbalances (because it seemed I had many) and the topics about environmental toxins, liver detoxification, and elimination kept popping up everywhere. Surely this wasn’t what was holding me back from living a healthier life, was it? So I started experimenting with this stuff, myself – I upgraded my laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, body care products and cosmetics. I started buying Organic everything, throwing out the shit food in our pantry and upgrading our plastic cooking utensils to wood or silicone. It didn’t happen over night, but I’m proud to say that we have mostly everything switched over – shit, I even have reusable grocery bags now!

On top of eliminating a large burden of chemical exposure from my everyday life, I also upped the ante on my liver detoxification processes.

Your liver is is a crucial organ for detoxification, digestion, blood sugar regulation, among others. I started supplementing with certain herbs and eating certain foods that helped amplify my own body’s innate ability to detoxify the things I am exposed to on a daily basis (because we can’t be perfect in our ability to eliminate every toxin exposure).

At the same time, I came across some products that, for the first time, didn’t make my skin burn or turn red. In fact, they smelled great, felt great, and I actually looked forward to looking at my face in the mirror everyday. I started with a face wash, hydrator, etc and then moved on to their makeup. I have such a hard time buying makeup because I rarely wear it or feel confident putting it on. Plus anything that I did put on would clog my skin and just exacerbate my acne. Nope not this stuff…I was IN LOVE!

What brand am I talking about? Beautycounter!

I was sold. Not only did I love everything about the way their products made me FEEL, but I was also in love with everything they were doing to bring safer ingredients to the ENTIRETY of the cosmetic industry. Not only does the company ban the use of 1,500-plus contested chemicals in its own lineup it’s also actively lobbying for change across the industry.
That’s right, ladies, Beautycounter is advocating for YOU and ME.

It didn’t make sense that I wasn’t apart of this movement. Here I am coaching women to live their best life, and clearly having access to safer and cleaner skin care was a big component to that.

We put this stuff on our skin every day – it needs to be safe and it needs to look great!

Can everyone afford Beautycounter? No, but not everyone can afford buying everything Organic either. It’s not about buying or selling this specific brand, it’s about the education around why choosing these products is better than the alternative. So perhaps we start revamping our budgets, spending less on Starbuck’s and more on your HEALTH.

I truly, honestly believe that God has created me for this mission.

How do I know? Because I don’t feel like a salesperson, I feel like a messenger. A messenger with a very important purpose to bring awareness to the complacency and blind trust we’ve been putting into the products we are using on our children, ourselves, and in our home. That stops now.

No longer can we put the outcome of our health and well being into the hands of others. We need to advocate for ourselves. We need to become the CEO of our own health. And that starts now.

So what do you say – are you in?

Maybe you’re only ready to try a sample today. Or better yet, you’re ready to become a consultant with me and work with my amazing team! All I ask is that if you have been touched by any endocrine condition, disease, cancer, or perhaps have made the switch to safer products and feel more energy and vitality – you owe it to give that gift to someone else. Join me this year by making a difference in someone else’s life – let’s do this!

Email me directly at [email protected] – let me know you’re in and we’ll set up a call together to talk about how you can put your passion and purpose in motion. <3

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