Taking Great Leaps Forward

Something that I’ve discovered over the years, is that “taking great leaps of faith is labeled as irresponsible or selfish or insane (unless you succeed of course, then you’re brilliant).

This is because watching someone else totally go for it can be incredibly upsetting to the person who’s spent a lifetime building a solid case for why they themselves can’t.”

When I first quit my engineering job to pursue nutrition coaching, I was surrounded by these people & my own limiting beliefs.

Because I was insecure about making this work, other people picked up on it too. Confusion, bafflement, & criticism every time I talked about my business…constant remarks about how I was working too hard & how I had changed.

But now I look around & I don’t see those people…I don’t have those limiting beliefs. Instead, I have plenty of people cheering me on – including myself.

Now that I’ve been coaching for 3 years, I look back on the shitstorm that was my life during that transition & just laugh – it seems so minuscule now.

Using that wisdom as I now transition on my own has been life changing…

No longer am I worried, scared, doubtful, reactive, insecure, or in my head. Instead, I’m calm, trusting, grateful, loving, & completely present.

So my advice to you if you’re considering pursuing your ‘unconventional’ dream, be prepared to be met with disapproval from people who are stuck in their snoozefest of a life. Especially the people that are closest to you – especially yourself.

Expect all your limiting beliefs to come crashing down & instigate anything to keep you safe & protect you from being vulnerable & exposed in the world.

Fight it & use it as a sign that you are following your dreams & pushing through your comfort zone. It’s a sign that you’re ridding yourself of your BS & moving in the right direction.

Growth & progress isn’t for sissies 😉

But it’s also nowhere near as painful & soul-sucking as living the life you’re living right now if you’re not TRULY going for it.

So hang tight, stay the course, & you’ll be on the other side to better things in no time.

Post inspired and paraphrased by Rachel Hollis’s book, “Girl Wash Your Face”