Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Assuming that we have nutrition, training, and stress management locked down

What are some of the things we can do to ensure optimal fertility?

First thing’s first…we need to track our cycles accurately.

Downloading an app is your most convenient option – I personally use GLOW.

Not only do we need to track the start and finish of our periods, but we also need to track our FERTILE SIGNS…this includes cervical fluid, basal body temperature and cervical position – if these things sound foreign to you, I recommend buying the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”

This is all important data not only so that you can know and understand your body, but it will also allow you to fix any underlying issues that you discover…And if the time comes that you DO need to go seek medical attention or advice, you have months and months of data to provide your doctor which can fast track the treatment protocol.

This week’s challenge to improve your fertility…

  1. Download the GLOW app,
  2. Buy a basal body temperature from Amazon, and
  3. Get your hands on the book I recommended above and TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FERTILITY.


Next post we will talk more about the common causes with infertility. Tag a friend who is trying to conceive!

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