Shift Your Perception of the Scale

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As someone who used to weigh herself daily and let the number decide whether she was going to have a great day or a shitty day of self-degradation, I can totally relate to how you feel when you see a number you don’t like.
But I want you to realize that there is no truth to the meaning you give that number..
Maybe that number is 160lbs…To a teenage guy, he is ecstatic to weigh that number. And maybe to an Olympic lifter they are relieved to hit that weight. And for you maybe you are ashamed to be that number. But it’s all the same number! Just different perceptions.
Maybe if we looked at that number on the scale and felt truly grateful for whatever it decided to read that morning. What if it was as simple as that?
Because in a sense, the fact that you are able to weigh ANYTHING on that scale means that you are here on Earth, living, breathing, and taking up space.
And what more could you possibly want other than to exist and experience life on Earth?!
Perception is everything, my love. Just something to think about 😉
Happy Thursday!

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