Self Care Practice

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I can’t stress this enough. It all starts with self-love. If you don’t love yourself you don’t have a solid foundation!

When there is no self-love you tend to look for love in other people and places. You become dependent on these things to fill something that you are not filling on your own. People and situations can easily break you because there is no solid foundation inside. Think about it, how can you truly stand your ground if there is no ground to stand on?

Self-love gives you power. Self-love gives you a choice. Self-love allows you to show up as your true authentic self and live the life that is best for you! Self-love makes you indestructible!

How can you start loving yourself?…

By making time for you! Doing things that light you up. Filling up your own cup without needing other people or things to do it for you. Making the choice to show up for yourself every damn day!

I know many of you think you don’t have the time, but TRUST me if you have the time to read this, you have the time to practice self-love!

I can help you create a self-love routine that works for your schedule. I can help you connect to yourself on a deeper level and create a solid foundation inside. I can help you become indestructible. I can help you connect to your inner warrior!

It might seem impossible at first but when you start to practice self-love it becomes impossible to live any other way.

I am forever GRATEFUL for the self-love practices I have created for myself. It is an incredibly empowering feeling to know that my foundation is unbreakable.
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