Reverse Dieting

The problem with dieting all the damn time is that it eliminates your only leverage for a successful fat loss journey – your energy.

Food is energy.

If you have more food, the more awesome things you can do. For example, you can go on hikes, train like a badass, take your kids (or furbabies) on adventures, be spontaneous with your spouse … you know, the things that make life worth living…

You might be wondering, but if I eat more, I’ll just gain weight … and I can’t gain any more weight in fact I need to lose some!

Not so fast.

Your metabolism works like an investment fund. You put a small amount of money in NOW so you can take a larger chunk out LATER.

Likewise, the same concept occurs with metabolism. You have to add calories back in (possibly gaining a couple pounds initially) so that you can cut calories out (resulting in a significant fat loss in return).

We call this reverse dieting.

Building calories up to maintenance intake (or beyond) which allows an increase in metabolic rate. Increasing focus on training and building muscle. And “doing awesome things” while staying relatively weight stable.

In fact, the people that take their reverse diet seriously, pushing their calories as high as possible for as long as possible, have the best results both in the gym & then later in the cut phase – every single time.

Again, you have to invest in your metabolism FIRST before you can ask it to give you fat loss LATER. You’ve got to “earn” the right to lose fat.

The real issue is that people don’t understand what their REAL energy requirements are…they’ve been living a life of less food & more exercise for so long that they are fearful of trying anything different.

And while I understand this takes a certain amount of faith & belief that your body will respond positively … I only hope that it becomes your new normal…

Because rather than cuddling up to LESS every time you get scared when the scale is up, challenge yourself to BE MORE & DO MORE.

If you do that you’ll never need to worry about another diet again. That’s the end game & that’s what we are here to help you achieve.

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