Replacing Toxic Household Products

Can we be honest for a second?!
Ok bad pun, but seriously – it’s so EASY to clean up your personal care products and cleaning products right now.
Everything you see here smells amazing, cleans amazing, and are all free of:

❌synthetic fragrance








To read more about these harmful chemicals and how they negatively affect our health, check out our post on ‘Endocrine Disruptors
Can we eliminate ALL toxins in our life?! Nope.
But we can do our part in reducing the load of exposure to these chemicals, simply by buying a different product when your old one runs out.
If you want help identifying and clearing out your household products and choosing ones that are more in line with your natural lifestyle, check out our coaching program in link in bio.
Happy Saturday loves! ✌🏼
All products show here from @honest and @honest_beauty

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