PSA: This Outdated AdVice Could Be Keeping You From Conceiving

One of the first mistakes I see women make when TTC is thinking that taking a prenatal vitamin is all they need to do.

Which I get it, that’s typically the only advice we receive from out OBGYN when we decide to come off the pill and start trying.

But let me ask you. How many women do you know struggle to conceive with this generic advice?!


And they continue to struggle to really prepare their body and improve their fertility when this is all they are advised to do…

So how do we effectively prepare our body for pregnancy?

First, we need to change our expectations.

When you plan a wedding, you don’t set the date for next month and expect it all to work out the way you want, right? The same expectation holds true for pregnancy. Expecting to get pregnant the next month is unrealistic and actually a disservice to the health of you and your baby. Instead, expect to take at least 3-6 months to prepare your body for pregnancy (see how to do this in the third step below).

Second, yes include a prenatal, but make sure it’s high quality.

AND that you’re taking it daily, consistently, for at least 6 months prior to conceiving. WHY? Because most of us have been stressed getting an education, working a career and trying to do it ALL. On top of that, we may have spent a fair share of our lives on birth control which depletes our body of essential nutrients for conception and pregnancy. All of this requires that we bridge those lost nutrient gaps.

What also tends to happen is that we’re unsure what makes a ‘high quality prenatal,’ so we grab one off the shelf assuming that we are doing the right thing. Unfortunately, most prenatal vitamins are low quality and lack the essential, bio-available vitamins and minerals you need. So you think you’re doing right, but really you’re missing the boat. I recommend a high quality, methylated B vitamin Prenatal like Thorne Basic Prenatal.

Third, nourish your mind, body AND soul before TTC.

Picture yourself getting ready to plant a garden and the steps you may take to cultivate the soil before planting… Perhaps you haul in some nutrient-dense top soil, add fertilizer, till it, weed it, curate it. This is exactly what we must do for our body if we want our seeds to grow. Our body is the soil, the fertilized egg is the seed. In fact, this is the first pillar inside Holistic Fertility method, called Prepare. The body WANTS to heal, be healthy and be fertile, we just need to give it what it needs and remove what it doesn’t – this is how we cultivate and prepare the body for pregnancy.

So, let me ask you, do you want to keep falling into the trap of thinking a prenatal is all there is to prepare your body for pregnancy? Possibly robbing YOUR health and your baby’s health of nourishment?

Or do you want to take the steps to effectively prepare your body for pregnancy and do it right from the start?

If so, reply back to me and let’s have a conversation about your next steps to make this dream a reality <3



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