Pregnancy & PostPartum Transformation

I didn’t have all the answers

I couldn’t do this alone

My pregnancy was NOT easy – & no I do not miss it!

I’d talk myself through every hour of the day

I’d battle between thoughts of feeling so grateful getting pregnant after a miscarriage & then so down & victimized because I felt so terrible

Honestly, worrying about my weight was the LAST thing on my mind

I just wanted my body to feel ok

I was achey, sluggish, lacking motivation to even do basic chores

I had no energy, no appetite, no desire to move my body

And ya my weight was creeping up, I was seeing cellulite

I kept thinking, pregnancy shouldn’t have to be THIS HARD!!!!!!

When I hit a breaking point (crying in the fetal position in my closet), my friend Casey asked how things were going & I spilled my struggles to her

She listened, she validated what I was experiencing, & agreed – I shouldn’t be feeling this bad!

So she got me started on something new that she was doing

I was BLOWN AWAY by how incredible I felt in such a SHORT period of time, you guys!

The simple change in routine PLUS being surrounded by like-minded women PLUS the accountability from Casey were THEE THINGS that turned my pregnancy around

I had energy!

I was waking up at 6am!

I found motivation to get back to my daily walks!

I started working out again!

I launched new programs in my coaching business!

I was able to help my husband build our house!

I didn’t just feel like myself again, I felt like STESHA 2.0.

I always wanted to be an energetic, happy, healthy mamma & Isagenix was the vehicle that gave that to me

Cuz when you don’t have your health, you don’t have ANYTHING

Although it wasn’t my intention, my body lost the cellulite, I gained some lean muscle from my workouts, & was receiving a ton of compliments about how healthy & energetic I looked!

As a BONUS, my birth & postpartum were healthy & seamless

No swelling, no stretch marks, no inflammation & I’m 2lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight

I share this because it was SO easy, SO life-changing

I share this because it could very easily change YOUR life, too

Mammas, tag your accountability partner NOW & let’s get started on your own transformation this June!

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