Power of Mindset on Fertility

Are you worried about your ability to get pregnant…despite being ‘young’ and ‘healthy’?

I never gave my fertility much thought until I started to doubt my ability to get pregnant

After a miscarriage at 27 years old, my eyes opened to the possibility that maybe my body wasn’t suited to carry a baby

And although that doubt lead me down the rabbit hole of education…it was also toxic for my emotional well-being

Disbelieving in my own fertility, disempowered my innate ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant…and it might be happening to you, too

The mind is INCREDIBLY powerful. So we’ve got to start there if we want to optimize your chances of getting pregnant naturally

Which reminds me of my client Tara…

Tara had many common concerns on her journey trying to conceive

For example…exactly when to have sex during her cycle

If being on the pill for over 10 years has affected her fertility

If her severe PMSwas a sign that her hormones weren’t balanced

And, if her family history of hypothyroidism had anything to do with her issues of getting pregnant, either.

But most importantly, Tara was beginning to doubt her ability to even get pregnant – she started to feel ashamed that her body wasn’t capable of doing what it was designed to do

Unfortunately, this is the most common underlying component tarnishing women’s ability to get pregnant naturally…the disbelief in themselves
It’s like a downward spiral leading to more hurt, fear, trauma, anxiety and sorrow.

So what I want to instill in you today is a NEW MANTRA…one that is empowering you towards positive belief and outcomes….and that is this

‘I have the power to improve MY health and improve MY fertility’

I understand that it may be difficult to truly believe that for yourself right NOW – especially if you’ve gone through many emotional and physical challenges, BUT here’s the thing


And loo, I’m not denying that some women have real fertility issues that need to undergo medical treatments… HOWEVER I believe that there are certain emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle changes we can make to greatly improve our health and fertility NO MATTER WHAT our circumstances are

And it starts with your own self-belief and empowerment <3

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