Nutrition is EVERYTHING

My passion for nutrition has been woven through my life, my body, my soul since I was 10
I first started to manipulate my nutrition as an insecure high school volleyball player trying to look perfect in my spandex in front of the whole damn school
Health, at the time, looked like an hour on the elliptical while devouring a ‘Women’s Health’ magazine
We all start somewhere, am I right?
My journey continued as a:
Competitive Volleyball player at a AA high schoolCompetitive half marathoner in collegeCompetitive CrossFitter as a young engineer
I’ve come a long way since those days of pushing my body to the max in everything that I did
I’ve known adrenal fatigue, depression, hormonal chaos, infertility…
Stepping back today, 3 weeks postpartum, looking in the mirror and realizing…
this is the FIRST time in my life where I haven’t tried to micromanage my body into something it’s not
Instead, I’ve shifted my focus on putting the very best things in my body for my little bean.
She deserves to have a mamma who loves everything – unconditionally – including herself
Body love, Self love, People love – it starts with YOU, mamma
Let’s go change the world by first loving ourselves and raising babies who do the same <3
Where did you start your relationship with nutrition??
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