My TOUGH LOVE tips on recovering from CrossFit Burnout

Sorry, CrossFit, I’ve been beating you up for WEEKS

Truth is, I love you. BUT I was a bit of an addict

You know those clingy types? That was me – you were all I ever thought about & I couldn’t stay away from you

But in the end, we weren’t good for each other. And you don’t seem to be a great match for others like me either

And until the day comes when I’m not answering DMs about what to do if

I’m burnt out but can’t stay out of the gym…then I’ll have to keep writing these posts

Whew glad we got that covered

So here you are, the reader, burnt out…I’m guessing

It’s an uncomfortable place to be, am I right

Ok, more like an ‘I want to crawl out of my skin’ type of uncomfortable

But ya get what I’m sayin

So what can we do to get you recovered, feeling better about yourself, & maybe, just maybe, go back to loving CrossFit again?


Ya gonna wanna screen shot this and forward to your franz

1. Take your current gym schedule and cut it to 50% – so if you’re going 2hrs a day 6 days a week, try 1 hr a day 6 days a week

2. Take your current caffeine intake and cut it to 50% – so if you’re drinking 2-12 oz. coffees, reduce to 1-12oz coffee & get it in before noon

3. Sleep more by going to bed earlier – talk to your partner, make a commitment to no phones or TV in bed, and a hard stop on electronics by 9pm

4. Create a list of 3 priorities for that day. Not your top 20. Do you really need to meet Karen for lunch, fold the laundry, vacuum the house, grocery shop, prep meals, & wash the dog on Tuesday night? Prolly not – dedicate your free time to 1-3 things & space the rest out across the week

5. Cut out the ‘shoulds’ & actually say NO – do you REALLLLLy have to be a board member of the PTA, volunteer for the bake sale, coach little league, & open the gym on Saturdays? Prolly not – pick ONE that lights you up & ditch the rest

6. Set boundaries at work & at home. Your boss isn’t going to know that you’re swamped unless you tell him/her. This is one of the biggest coaching lessons we do in HHB, so don’t worry if you feel uncertain how to do this on your own

Thing of it is – these aren’t just recovery strategies…these are LIVE YOUR BEST DAMN LIFE strategies

So if you’re finding yourself living another day REACTING to everything around you, feeling totally exhausted & not living the life you know you’re capable of

AND you want to know how to turn things around for yourself 
then comment below or DM me.

As someone who has invested LOADS of $$$$ in coaching for myself, I know 100% that I’d not be here where I am today without someone else pointing out my limiting beliefs, helping me craft a unique plan to hurdle them, & keeping me accountable for the dream life I committed to making for myself

You in?

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