MINI-TRAINING: How I Ditched my PMS without birth control or pain meds

Dare I say that it’s a MF gift to be a woman with all these fluctuating hormones?

If you don’t think so, maybe you’re BLOWING UP with period pain, water retention, clots & cramps

If so, I don’t BLAME you for rolling your eyes at the thought of ‘loving’ to be a woman

So I feel it my duty to provide you with the FOUNDATION of health, happy hormones

 So, I present to you…my top 3 PMS-be-gone secrets


Ha! I had you fooled into reading more about the importance of decreasing stress by using a fancy word! lol In all seriousness, guys, we gotta. The more hours we spend in SOS survival mode, the less we are healing & the more we are aging. All thanks to cortisol. Cortisol depletes our nutrient stores faster than an iphone depletes a battery.

This leads to our hormones making ‘compensations’ in areas like our metabolism, fat burning & ding ding ding, the hormones that govern our periods. Want symptom-less periods? Chill for a sec, ok?


Whatever disconnected mind-body beliefs you have…ditch ’em! The mind is connected to the body, the body is connected to the mind; in fact our physical bodies are connected to the rest of the universe! We are all one!

What we believe,what we think, what we say, what we do puts out an ‘energy’ or ‘vibe’ that attracts others at that frequency. So if we are constantly living in fear, worried about the future, & judging ourselves then that’s what we transmit to each of the cells in our body. To vibe higher, become aware of your thoughts, where your beliefs are coming from, & then rewrite that shiiiiiii. Your uterus cells will thank you.


If we are feeling anxious, irritable, & PMSy, it is your body speaking to us. When we have to curl up & stay home because our cramps are so bad, that’s our body speaking to us. Because, news flash, we SHOULD be at home, resting, journaling, taking care of ourselves, & being introspective during the late luteal phase (ie when PMS usually happens).

When we IGNORE this innate calling & continue to drive forward, push through our fatigue, ignore our feeling& the messages our body is giving us, then our body revolts and literally TAKES YOU OUT by giving you massive cramps, crippling anxiety, & depression. So block off those calendars EVERY month during your luteal phase, you’ll see INSTANT relief.

All dis explains the foundation of my hormone balancing act

NOTE that nothing I did here involved taking birth control to ‘regulate’ my period (cue: GIANT fuggin eye roll) or bandaiding pain with OTC pain meds (makes me cringe picturing little gut bombs nuking my precious intestinal villi)

Everything I do is based on holistic health & nutrition. No cutting corners, no side-lining or sitting on the bench while someone else tells me how to manage my body

Just good ol’ food as medicine, managing stress to a min, & listening to what my body needs as the major foundations of healing & the only ones I believe in.

Would you guys like more mini-training’s like this?

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