MANAGE ENDOMETRIOSIS & IMPROVE YOUR FERTILITY [what your fertility specialist forgot to mention before recommending IVF]

Here are the concerns I hear from women enroling in the Holistic Fertility Method (HFM)

“I’ve been taking pain meds for my period pain since highschool”

“I’ve tried every brand of birth control but it just made me nauseous & crazy”

“I’ve gotten multiple laparoscopic procedures to clear out scar tissue, but the pain always comes back”

“My fertility specialist said I have endo & that my only hope is IVF”

Is this you?

Endometriosis is BIG DEAL!

Not only does it cause HORMONAL IMBALANCES that can prevent pregnancy, but also causes ANATOMICAL ISSUES that can prevent pregnancy, too

Endometriosis is the 2nd most common cause of fertility issues in women (according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine)

That means 30% of you, right here, right now, are having difficulty conceiving because of Endo

I want you to know that there are absolutely things you can do – like nutrition, lifestyle, mental / emotional processing, herbs, massage, acupuncture, etc – that can manage symptoms & help you get pregnant…most of which your western medical doctor forgot to mention to you.

In this post we are going DEEP into:

  • Understanding Endo (not your generic Web MD definition)
  • what the symptoms are (& how they vary)
  • What to test for with Endo (& how to interpret your results)
  • What kind of doctor you can trust (to support you in your natural approach to healing), & finally 
  • What an aggressive natural approach to healing actually looks like.

UNDERSTANDING ENDOMETRIOSIS (not your generic Web MD definition)

Endometriosis occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus (endometrial cells) grow in other areas of the body (such as ovaries, intestines, fallopian tubes, etc)

Each month when you get your period, it’s the endometrial cells that degrade & shed, resulting in a period

How does this work?

Endometrial cells are very responsive to hormone fluctuations – they proliferate during the first half of the cycle, secrete hormones during the last half of the cycle, & then shed during menstruation

So when these cells are located OUTSIDE of your uterus (as with endometriosis), you can see what kind of problem this becomes!

These endometrial cells located outside the uterus still respond in the same way to fluctuating hormones

They can cause severe menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, internal bleeding, inflammation, scar tissue buildup, blocked fallopian tubes, & difficult conceiving & staying pregnant

How does endo prevent pregnancy?

It can cause:


=> Endo is associated with high levels of estrogen which can lead to fibroids, anovulation, inadequate progesterone levels & hostile uterine environment


=> Endometrial tissue grows like cobwebs – it latches on fallopian tubes, colon, anus, bladder, etc – & over time this causes inflammation & scar tissue

If that wasn’t enough of a bummer, endo might even be considered an AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION!

In fact, research published in 2012 from Autoimmunity Reviews stated [paraphrased]:

Endometriosis shares similarities with several autoimmune diseases, including: chronic local inflammation, presence of autoantibodies & abnormal immune system regulation

In fact, whenever I work with a client who has been diagnosed with endometriosis, we work with their doctor to test for other autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s, Celiac Disease & Type 1 Diabetes

It’s that prevalent!

ENDOMETRIOSIS DISMISSED [finding a doctor who ‘gets’ it]

You’ve had extremely painful periods since you could remember…

And wrapping up with a hot pad in the fetal position is not uncommon.

Heck, you probably have a stash of pain meds on the ready in case you can’t get home in time to ‘wait out the storm’

Yet your doctor STILL doesn’t recognize the fact that you might have Endometriosis!

You’re not alone…

The average woman sees up to 5 DIFFERENT DOCTORS before she gets a diagnosis of endometriosis

With this post, I’m hoping to give you some clarity in your symptoms, confidence in the types of testing at your disposal, as well as what kind of doctor to turn to if you aren’t getting the care you deserve.

Lez go!

It should be noted, some women have very severe symptoms, while some women have no symptoms at all. Hence why getting a diagnosis can be difficult


  • Autoimmune characteristics
  • High inflammatory markers (hs-CRp above 3.0 mg/L)
  • Painful HSG (X ray test where they inject the dye into your uterus & fallopian tubes)
  • Scar tissue in fallopian tubes
  • Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea with period
  • Painful BMs  or painful urination during period
  • Spotting / bleeding in between periods
  • Chronic pain in lower back / pelvis
  • Pain during sex
  • Poor egg reserve / poor egg quality
  • Multiple miscarriages
  • Inability to conceive


  • Pelvic MRI or laparoscopic procedure (both which are typically not covered by insurance)
  • Endometrial function test (biopsy from uterus that identifies 2 biochemical markers: cyclin E and p27 that assess endometrial health)
  • Natural killer cells (elevated NK cells indicate potential for endo)

Having trouble finding a doctor who ‘gets’ it?!

You might have better luck seeing a REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGIST ( will hook you up with one in your area), rather than a reproductive endocrinologist…

They are more equipped to address the underlying inflammatory & autoimmune conditions that you’re liking experiencing as well.

Yes, You Can Heal from Endometriosis & Get Pregnant Naturally

It’s important to address endometriosis, not only because of your goal in getting /staying pregnant, but to improve your overall health & longevity!

Endo is a result of extreme inflammation affecting not only your reproductive system, but all systems of your body.

This inflammation comes from the food we eat, water we drink, toxic care products we use, stress from work, negative self talk, toxic relationships, medications, alcohol, & a mismanaged immune response

Sounds kinda complicated, right?

This is why we need a multifaceted approach to address the multifaceted root causes of Endo

Can surgery help? Can medications help?


But if the fire storm of inflammation is not addressed, the Endometriosis is not addressed & the pain will come back &  the infertility will continue.

Here’s how…

1. Address Nutrition with an Auto-immune / Paleo diet:

  • Organic, pesticide-free produce
  • Organic, grass fed animal proteins (eggs, poultry, bone broth, fish, liver, limit red meat)
  • Healthy fats (olive, coconut, ghee)
  • No gluten
  • No GMOs
  • No soy
  • No added sugars
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No dairy
  • No night shades
  • No lectins

2. Address Circulation / Scar Tissue:

  • Pelvic Massage (be cautious as this may aggravate symptoms for some women)
  • Castor Oil packs (7 days leading up to ovulation)
  • Acupuncture

3. Address Mental / Emotional Blocks:

Women with Endometriosis often hold onto a lot of pent-up, undigested emotions around their condition

Learning to surrender, let go & heal from these emotions (fear, anger and sadness) is crucial to getting pregnant

Otherwise, the negative emotions take up the space of positive ones, thus blocking healthy energy, blood flow & spirit from flowing to your reproductive organs

If you have been diagnosed with Endo or not…

If you have gotten surgery or taken medication, or not…

What matters is, how are you doing today?

Are the symptoms managed? Are you able to get pregnant?

If not, we’re here to help bring you back to balance & end the war with your body

Please apply to Holistic Fertility Method if you are ready to address your Endo & manage the symptoms naturally so you can get pregnant naturally.

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