Long Term Consistency vs. Short Term Intensity

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You are bombarded with a million misconceptions about proper nutrition, it’s no wonder you have a screwed up relationship with it!

To be honest I have NO idea what kind of new trend is on the market these days, but what I DO know is the science at it’s core & even further, how to apply it.

You see, science doesn’t change a whole lot from year to year, & because of that, it’s not sexy.

It’s hard to sell 100 thousand diet books if they are all about the same boring shit like feeling healthy & eating an adequate amount for what you do.

Guess what guys (& I know this is going to be a surprise for some of you), but the results you so desperately desire come from long-term consistency, NOT short term intensity.

I know, shocker, right?

That extreme Paleo/Whole30 gym challenge you do every year is NOT the answer.

By the way, how is that working for you?

Let me ask you, does this sound familiar, “well I tried the Paleo challenge & saw results, but it just wasn’t sustainable so I’m right back at square one.”

It seems to me there is a common factor behind all of these short-term diets…

They ain’t “sustainable”

So going further… my question for you is, “what are you doing right now?”

My guess is you’re probably eating relatively healthy with some sugar cravings here & a few drinks scattered there.

Here’s a radical idea, what if we just stuck to that, but cleaned it up a little?

Sounds like a pretty awesome start to a sustainable way of living!

But again, it’s not sexy, it’s not fast, & most of all it’s not MISERABLE…

Why does eating have to be so miserable? Why do we feel like we have to starve ourselves? Are we unworthy to eat a good amount of healthy food?

A very interesting concept to ponder…

So I guess what I’m trying to do here is bring about some self-awareness.

What is your initial thoughts when I say food?

>>Are they positive, exciting & nourishing?

>>Or instead, are they gluttonous, forbidden, & dreadful?

I challenge you to think about your relationship with food. For most of you it’s painful & resentful…

It doesn’t have to be that way forever – don’t numb it out – don’t bury it deep – feel it now & push through it!

It’s not the calm sunny day that moves our sails from point A to B, it’s the intense wind & the rough waters that get us to where we need to be.

Be mindful & embrace the suck 😉

and as always, leave your questions or comments in the space below or message me privately about your specific situation.

Happy Monday!