Limiting Beliefs Keeping You From Getting Pregnant [Part 1]




If you’re here watching this right now, chances are you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now.

At the beginning, you shake it off and you try again, because it’s more common to not get it at the first time, isn’t it?

But every time you get your period, your hope starts to dwindle. 

That is absolutely normal. You have every right to feel this way and only you know how hard it is to feel this way. 

The pain is humungous, and your best friend doesn’t understand, so who can you rant to?

  • You’ve taken all the tests… 
  • And it turns out everything is okay with your body
  • Yet… you’re still not pregnant.

NOW you’re growing in resentment over the new pregnancy announcements and gender reveals you see on social media – it makes you want to throw your phone and bury yourself under the covers

It doesn’t take long before you start hearing yourself say…

“Getting Pregnant is Hard for Me”

And now You and your partner are getting to a breaking point

You are trying everything, you’ve followed the book and it still hasn’t happened for you

At this point, it’s very hard to stay hopeful. And for good reason.

Everything around you in your environment is pointing towards the fact that this is so much harder for you than everyone else.

Or is it???

Yes, some people are blessed with an easy pregnancy, or a pregnancy that happens very fast in their lives, as soon as they try.

But it’s much more normal to try for months, sometimes years without much luck.

The thing about our limiting beliefs is that they will go to work to prove themselves right.

So if you start to believe that ‘nothing good ever happens to you’ or that ‘it’s so much easier for everyone else’ you’ll start to look for every opportunity to prove yourself right.

That’s why it seems like EVERYONE around you is getting pregnant when you’re struggling to get pregnant.

It’s because our brain is filtering out the noise to focus only on WHO is getting pregnant and just HOW FAST they got pregnant and that you are still NOT pregnant

We turn ourselves off to the opportunity to connect with them – the other women who are getting pregnant – to hear their story,, maybe they struggled for years as well

And another thing those limiting beliefs do? Keeps us in such low vibrating, selfish energy that we can’t ‘muster the strength to be involved in their lives as they embark on this new journey of motherhood – because it’s just too hard

So if this is you, it’s ok to feel ashamed about it – I know that I grew so resentful of my best friend who got pregnant after I miscarried and I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t show up for her like I wanted to.

It was because I had this limiting belief in the background, running the show, filtering out all the hope and possibility in my life and only focusing only on the negative.

So if this is you, I get you, and it’s DEFINITELY something that we know how to release with the Fertility Release Formula [get access to this formula inside Holistic Fertility Method]

In the meantime, try saying telling yourself:

“My body was made for this. And everyday I’m improving my fertility to get pregnant naturally”

I’m here for you always <3

Coach, Stesha

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