Lack of Willpower is Not Your Issue

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Do you struggle with over-eating at night?

If so, you might not be eating enough during the day.

Let me explain. If you’ve gotten into the cycle of binge eating late at night), then you’ve probably gotten in the habit of skipping breakfast and eating a light lunch as well. The cycle continues as the more you eat at night, the less hungry you are in the morning, and, as a result, you are starving by dinner time and crave anything high in energy.

This unhealthy eating cycle not only leads to an overwhelming amount of guilt, but can also cause energy and nutrient deficiencies affecting, your mood, health and performance.

No Bueno.

So, how are you going to break this cycle?

The fact that you crave junk food at night is not because you lack “willpower” it’s simply your body telling you that you need energy and quick! We are going to tackle that instinct by eating more during the day so you won’t face this urge every night.

The goal you want to focus on, for at least a week, is to include nutrient and vitamin dense fruits and vegetables, as well as, a source of lean protein in every meal throughout the day. So, when night time comes, you aren’t in an energy deficit and need to seek out energy-dense foods.

Here are some things you may encounter during this first week:

-Over-eating at night is a habit for you, so expect to take a few days to overcome it – it’s not going to happen over night!
– You will probably have a night or two where you indulge in some foods that aren’t “healthy” (i.e. cookies, ice cream, etc.), but I don’t want you to feel guilty about this and restrict food the next morning.
-Regardless of what you had the night before, I always want you to eat a normal breakfast of eggs, meat, veggies, etc. Getting back on track as quickly as possible is the fastest way to break your late-night eating habit.

Final thoughts

Don’t try to think about “saving” your calories during the day in order to eat your favorite treats at night. Doing so will deteriorate your body and inhibit any kind of progress in the gym or in your body composition.

If your eating patterns aren’t what you’d call “normal” and you are struggling with making lasting changes to become a healthier athlete, I’m here to help break down your strategies to get you on the right track!

If you know that what you’re doing now isn’t working, all you need to do is reach out and let someone help you achieve your goals!
Thanks for reading,

Stesha Gulick, CSCS, Pn1