So there I was, crunched over my laptop at 11pm on a Sunday cranking out assignments that were due by midnight

I was taking 4 online classes to finish my nutrition degree

But that wasn’t all…of course not!

I was also training my ass off in hopes of being ‘somebody’ in the CrossFit

I was working full time as a nutrition coach for a company who loaded me up with 120+ clients – yes, at one time

I also needed to plan our wedding…hence why we were engaged for almost 2 years…I never had time to even set a date!

I woke up exhaustedI went to bed exhaustedI turned down friendsI turned down my husband

And for what? So I could prove to others I was worthy?

Many of you are in this same mess of over-commitments, always rushed, never feel caught up & in a general haze of misery

First step I took to living a life of freedom & happiness? I SLOWED the EFF down Nancy!

Here’s how to get started

Use the triggering thoughts &feeling of ‘what the hell is happening, I have no time, I’m always tired, I’m always rushed, I never have time for myself….” as your JOURNAL PROMPT

For example, if you get that feeling ‘ugh work is so exhausting, I’m always so tired, I never have time to do the things I want” then you can bring that feeling to your journal & write about it

We want to uncover WHY you are REALLY feeling this way. What beliefs are centered around this feeling?

Do you hate that you can’t set boundaries?Do you hate that you don’t make time for yourself?Do you feel like everyone wants something from you?

If so, what do you WISH your life looked like?What kind of person do you have to become to make this a reality?What’s keeping you from being this person & living the life of your dreams?

Be courageous & do the MF work. If we don’t face our triggers, they control us & make us miserable

Here’s your chance to show you that you love & care about yourself

Tell me what you find in the comments below so I can help you uncover your limiting beliefs.

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