Infertility…nobody knows how hard it is, but YOU

You’re the strong one, the capable one, the one who’s got it all figured out in life.

Everyone is hopeful for you.

Everyone but YOU

Deep down, you’re full of resentment & shame. And it hurts.

Because behind closed doors, you’re trapped in an endless cycle of unworthiness, self-pity & negative self talk

A cycle where…

=> You’re good, but never good enough

=> Everyone else gets a happy family but you

=> You doubt whether you’ll ever be a mom

=> And you grow further disconnected from those you love

You ask yourself…

“why haven’t I gotten pregnant, I thought this was easy? What’s wrong with me?”

Because of course, you’ve…

✅ eaten healthy & cut out alcohol  

✅ read all the fertility tracking books

✅ tracked your BBT & peed on ovulation strips 

✅ invested in a barrage of testing

✅ seen specialists

…and yet you’re still not pregnant

And the worst part is…

✅ You feel your biological clock ticking

✅ You’re worried that you should’ve gotten started earlier

✅ Your husband is tired of all your worrying & self pity

✅ And you can’t even enjoy the pregnancies of your friends!

Every month it’s the same old disappointing story and frankly you’re losing hope

I get it

In fact, I’ve battled this for nearly every day of my life for over a year.

And here’s what I learned

My negative self talk, worry, doubts & fear were only compounding my inability to conceive & get pregnant

My high-achiever, perfectionist, ‘I got this on my own’ personality closed me off to support, coaching & growth

And even worse, I was sending my body all the messages that it wasn’t good enough and it shouldn’t be reproducing…

Our mind has the ability to shut down fertility.

But, the good news?

Our mind also has the power to manifest the baby, pregnancy, & motherhood that we long for

The question is – do you have the tools & strategy to shift your mindset from one of lack & resentment to one of love & abundance?

I’m here for you when you’re ready <3

I love you. You can do this


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