Infertility After Coming Off the Pill

CASE STUDY: woman in her 30s, came off the pill, trying to get pregnant, but experiencing irregular periods & PCOS

Excited to become a mom, Ellen, 34, was so frustrated that getting pregnant wasn’t going at all the way she thought it would

Wasn’t this supposed to be exciting?

Instead, it had become anxiety-provoking and stressful

Two years after going off the pill, which she’d been on to “regulate her cycle,” she’d barely had a regular period

Instead she’d go months between light periods, then have a major heavy / crampy / clotty period, and then nothing for months

On top of it, she was experiencing cystic acne and weight gain, neither of which she had before the pill

She was feeling pretty desperate and resentful with each new baby announcement from a friend

She and her husband were in the early stages of exploring fertility treatments.

Together, and with the help of her doctor, we discovered that Ellen had PCOS

Thing is, she’s likely had PCOS BEFORE the pill, but it had never been recognized and diagnosed at the time

So what did we do?

A few months of dietary changes, nutrients and herbal supplements, and acupuncture not only returned her cycle and eased her symptoms, but


Ellen became pregnant without having to go through the expensive / invasive process of fertility treatments!

So if you have decided it’s time to come off the pill – whether because you’re ready to get pregnant or you’re concerned about the potential health risks of hormonal birth control…have no fear, my love

Most women transition off it without much problem

But if you have come off it and are experiencing hormonal imbalances and/or infertility – it’s still going to be fine!

I promise, you’re not doomed!

With 90 days of step by step methodology I walk you through in Holistic Fertility Method, you can reset your hormone balance so that you, too, have healthy, natural cycles AND improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally!

Ready to stop guessing and start balancing?

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