Impaired Phase I Detox

Do you have an intolerance to caffeine, perfumes, or other environmental chemicals?

I sure as hell do!

It seems like every Uber car I get into has 10 air freshener trees hanging from the rear view mirror. It’s all I can do to stick my head out the window to gasp for air.

That’s a great visual…

And I get it, they’re just trying to make their 10 year old Honda Civic smell a little less ‘used.’

But alas, back to the science…why are some people bothered by these synthetic fragrances more than others?

It could be that they have an impaired or weak phase I liver detox system.

The substances that are known to inhibit phase I detox are:

  • low gut bacteria
  • low stomach acid
  • medications (PPIs, Valium, Prozac)
  • vitamin deficiencies (Vitamin A, B vitamins, and selenium)

Substances that will help promote phase I detox include:

  • cruciferous vegetables – brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc
  • citrus – limonene from the oil / peel
  • Vitamin C – berries, citrus, etc
  • Selenium -2-4 Brazil nuts / day
  • N-acetyl-cysteine – promotes glutathione
  • glutathione  – grass-fed, organic whey protein
  • magnesium – millet and cashews or supplement with Mg glycinate 150-500mg before bed
  • B vitamins – dark, leafy vegetables, legumes, red meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy, seeds and nuts; or supplement with a B-complex from Thorne

Spring is the perfect time for a detox, but if you missed out, early summer is just as good!

Head to our “Detox, Reset, Restore” Course all about arming you with the information you need to reduce exposure to common toxins in your household while improving the health and transit time of your elimination and detox pathways.

Who is ready to feel lighter and brighter this summer?!

Photo Credit: @cottercruch

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