I Think, Therefor I am

The famous words of philosopher René Descartes written in his book all the way back in 1637!

Did you know that there is a fascinating new field of science called psycho-neuro-immunology that studies the POTENT Interaction between our thoughts and our cellular physiology?!

That’s right, we can’t ignore the fact that our mindset has EVERYTHING to do with how we feel, what we experience, and the physical health of our bodies

That means for all of us experiencing heath issues, we have to take into consideration our mental environment

No longer can modern medicine separate the mind from the body. There’s way too much scientific evidence showing a relationship well beyond statistical significance

So what does this mean for YOU?! Instead of going for the next pill or potion to fix your physical ailments, consider addressing your mindset

Often times I find many negative and self limiting beliefs that are clouding and intercepting all our efforts on the physical level

Some references to start broadening your awareness and getting to the root cause of your mind-body imbalances:


I hope this gives you hope and broadens your arsenal of healing power 💕

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