How Toxins Keep You from Losing Fat

Did you know that toxins wrap themselves in fats for storage in our body?

We actually accumulate extra fat to buffer & protect us from the damaging effects of toxins.

When the liver is over-burdened by the toxins coming in through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the chemicals we absorb through our skin, there’s no place else to go but to get stored as fat.

Don’t think this matters? Consider the insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, & synthetic hormones in the food you eat, consider the food additives, artificial colors & flavors, & altered fats in that bag of chips you just ate, & the chemicals in your furniture, mattress, laundry, cleaning products, & cosmetics you slather on daily, or perhaps the alcohol you drink, the NSAIDs, or even doctor-prescribed medications you pop daily. And that’s just the stuff you know about – what about any pathogenic bacterial, fungal, or parasitic critter residing in your body pumping out bio-toxins by the second?

So not only can we experience fat gain to bind up these toxins, we can experience joint pain, inflammation & swelling, & many times the skin will show signs of acne, rashes, or even eczema.

Even our emotions are affected – the liver is responsible for handling excess neurotransmitters, so anger and depression can result.

But when we give our digestive systems a rest from the normal processing of chemicals, through awareness and reduction to exposure, the liver can actually go back and find stored toxins to eliminate.

So it’s possible to not only regenerate the liver and restore it’s function, but also to help to mobilize those fat store that are holding toxins safely & effectively.

By prioritizing the health of your liver, you’ll have the foundation to safely lose fat & free yourself from fatigue, inflammation, & toxic over-burden. Yay!

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