How to Overcome Fear

The moment I realized that I don’t have to be controlled by my fearful thoughts, changed EVERYTHING

Imagine feeling intense fear for what was about to come 

whether that be speaking in front of your team, writing a vulnerable post on social media, or worrying about how you’re going to support your family in the next few months

Now imagine running towards that fear & doing the thing anyway

I have many ways to pattern interrupt my fear-based mind. But the most effective one for me is to create URGENCY

The urgency of completing a task doesn’t give me time to procrastinate. It doesn’t give me time to get sucked into my limiting beliefs

Instead, the urgency gets me right into messy action

Have you ever done something you were scared to do & then felt 10 ft tall afterwards?

You feel like you conquered the MF world!!!!

Why? Because you took that leap of faith, you trusted that you could handle it no matter what happened, & proved to yourself that you were capable.

You CRUSHED fear in its tracks.

And you know what? It’s ADDICTING

Imagine taking that kind of massive, messy action everyday in your personal development, in your business, in your life vision

Imagine the life you’d create for yourself if you just changed your perception about fear??

If you committed to chase your fears with consistency?

Imagine what you would learn through the process

Imagine the kind of person you’d become!

Neuroscience & mind-body connection are deep loves in my life.

They are incredible tools that have not only saved my life, but they save the life of my clients & team members

Like me, when you first realize that YOU get to control your thoughts & YOU get to decide the intention of the day, EVERYTHING changes

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⁣Trying to face your fears alone is hard enough. Growing with a collective group of people you trust, who are on an aligned journey of becoming a better human is life-changing. It’s time to level up.⁣

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