How to Overcome Being a CONTROL FREAK

You know what the WORST thing you can say to a person who is a little controlling?


Because in our mind, we control to stay SAFE, to be LOVED, and to acquire a FEELING from a specific OUTCOME

So to say, “just let go,” is literally like telling someone to let go of the wheel of a car speeding down the free way


So why do we need to control?

When I was at the depth of my eating disorder & exercise addiction, I’d think about & control every morsel of food that went into my body, I’d exercise after EVERY meal I ate, all in the name of controlling my body.

But why the need to control the body?

Because I had a conviction (a belief with extreme emotional power behind it) that if I just got skinny & felt confident about myself, no matter how I did it, that I’d have friends, that I’d be popular, that my parents would be proud of me, that I’d BELONG and that I’d be LOVED

I was chasing a FEELINGAnd the only way I knew how to get that feeling was to arrive at a specific OUTCOMEAnd the only way to guarantee I got to the outcome was to control EVERYTHING

Have you ever played the When/Then Game?

Where you believed that WHEN I have x, y, z, THEN I’ll be happy?

“What ever it is, we’re always banking our happiness on some ONE or some THING in the future, which means we’re always at an arm’s length from every feeling happiness,” @hungryforhappiness

Do you see it?

We are so wrapped up and addicted to acquiring that feeling of happiness from an external thing that we will do ANYTHING to manipulate the external world to POSSIBLY feel the feeling

But what happens to us EVERY time?

We get there and we are EMPTY, we feel NOTHING.

So what gives? If all these external things are supposed to make us happy, then why aren’t we happy?!

Because it’s a MYTH, love

Did you know that you can tap into feel-good chemicals anytime of any day?

Yep, you have the CHOICE at ANY moment to release those neuropeptides in your body to feel the nourishing feelings of happiness, love, joy, bliss, connection, etc WITHOUT the need for ANY external outcome

If I told you that you could BYPASS the pain of controlling the external world and could truly let go and feel the feeling you have set out to feel, would you want to know?

Let me hear you say “HELL YES, I’M READY” in the comments so I can share it with you <3

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