How to Never Let the Excuse of Time Hold You Back Again

Can I be real fur a sec?

I hear this excuse all the damn time:

“I’m wayyyyyy too busy to start a business working from home. I could neverrrrrrr find the time”

I used to be that person too where I used the excuse of being too busy to actually work towards something I knew would make my life better…

Whether that was starting my own business, reaching out to new clients, working on my mindset…

& eventually I got so sick & tired of repeating the same shit in my life & never really going anywhere that I decided…

How dare I be more committed to Netflix & complaining to my husband & friends than building a better life for myself

How could I possibly sit around & see that message ‘ are you still watching?’ pop up on the screen one more time, then claim that I didn’t have enough time to start a side hustle that was going to give me the time, financial & personal freedom that I desired…

I finally got over my own BS & decided that it’s actually time to get SERIOUS about my COMMITMENT to bettering myself & the my future instead of just rolling around in self pity, complaining that nothing ever good happens to me

So if you’re sitting here listening to my story, I want you to ask yourself this question…

“I am more committed to watching Netflix, a bottle of wine, & Amazon shopping sprees than bettering my life & that of my family?

If the answer is yes, then I think it’s time for a change

If you’re ready for a change, hit me up, girl. I’m here for you

Because, hey, I’ve been there before, but I promise if I can call out my own shit & drastically change my life, YOU CAN TOO!


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