How to Know if Your Coach is Transforming Your Life

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Humans are NOTORIOUS for rationalizing their behavior – even when it’s clearly destructive!

You can probably relate to this

If you’ve been ingrained with a ‘bad-habit’ for a while now (oh ya know, like staying up until 11pm to binge on Grey’s Anatomy), you’ll likely need more than a few ‘logical steps’ to change your behavior

If logic worked for you (like telling yourself to go to bed earlier so you feel fresh and productive at work), then you likely wouldn’t need a coach

So why doesn’t logic work?!


There’s this little thing called the SUBCONSCIOUS mind & it’s pretty good at getting what it wants (ie I deserve to relax & numb myself after a long day of work) DESPITE what the CONSCIOUS mind wants (ie go to bed early to be productive at work).

This is where a coach can be truly transformative in your life

A great coach will really get in there & disrupt your overall mindset & behavior

3 Ways to Know if Your Coach is Transforming Your Life

1. Not only do you feel heard, but you also feel understood. You may feel relieved that someone finally ‘gets you’ & that you’re not alone in this

2. You never feel judged for your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, or actions. Instead, you find yourself answering difficult questions that open your awareness to new possibilities

3. You feel safe & allow yourself to be vulnerable. You have plenty of opportunity to speak from your gut, heart, & soul

So if you’ve got a coach that is merely dishing out practical steps & protocols WITHOUT the proper reflection & questioning

well, you might want to reconsider if its really working for you.

Love to hear about your transformative experience with a coach below!

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