How to Get Back on the Workout Train

How does someone get back on the workout train after missing an entire 5 months due to blackout fatigue & morning sickness?

How does someone get back on their nutrition game after 5 months of basically only eating poptarts bc that’s all your body could handle?!?⠀

It is quite simple actually…⠀

1. You give yourself some grace and stop feeling sorry for yourself!⠀

2. You don’t focus on all the progress lost, because hey, getting sick clearly wasn’t your #1 pick & there’s no reason to be upset over something you can’t control.

3. You sleep in tomorrow’s workout clothes so that it makes it easier to roll out of bed.⠀

4. You set your alarm for 6am and know that there’s coffee waiting for you in the kitchen. If you can just zombie yourself there, drink your bean juice, and in 15 minutes you’ll be right as rain.

5. You get your ass to the store, food prepped and ready for the week, so that eating healthy throughout the day is a no-brainer.⠀

6. And you wake up and execute like you always do! Because life is going to happen and you can either let it take the wind out of your sails or you can use the wind to push you to the next level babyyyyy

So here is to MY fresh start after being STUPID sick for what seems like a year!⠀

It was a long 5 months of nausea, fatigue, & negative self-talk, but I’m happy to say I’ve risen from the ashes with a whole new level of love for myself.

I imagine I’ll be reincarnated a few more times by the time bebe arrives in May – and hell, there will be a whole new roadmap to navigate once she gets here. But there’s one thing that’s for certain, I know that no matter what hell I travel through, I can trust myself that I’ll have the courage to rise again!

I don’t know if you battled a sickness this year (flu season anyone?!) or maybe you are currently battling your sickening, negative self-talk, but this is how we get after it, friends…


You with me!?!?!

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