How to Find Root Causes to Your Infertility

If you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do to get pregnant & you’re beating yourself up cuz nothing has worked, then what gives?

Maybe all that frustration of all the work you HAVE TO DO & all the doubt of NOTHING WORKING FOR YOU is actually the problem?

Maybe for you it goes deeper than eating better & stressing less

Maybe there’s an entire MENTAL / EMOTIONAL component you are unaware of

If you were anything like me when I first miscarried, I dug my heels in & did ALL the things…

I cleaned up my diet like a maniac, ordered a ton of supplements, booked acupuncture appts, ordered a billion books, signed up for courses & free webinars

Sure, my physical health was improving, but my mental / emotional health got DARK

I never healed from the trauma of miscarriage & tucked it under the rug

I grew resentful towards anyone who ‘sprung up pregnant’ 

I felt dismissed, invisible, & like I was being left behind

I know you’ve been in the middle of defeat & not knowing how to get out or even if you feel like trying to get out

I get it, sometimes, ya just gotta feel

In fact I ALWAYS encourage you to feel

When we acknowledge our pain, shame, grief & resentment we let it flow through us

We free up space for optimism & possibility to take its place

But if we keep holding on to it, pretending that everything is fine, & not acknowledging that infertility is F**king hard, unfair, & lonely AF, then we won’t ever get to move past it

& if we can’t move past it, we can’t open ourselves up to getting pregnant

You’re in a great deal of pain & anxiety right now

Life is the most stressful & anxiety-stricken it’s ever been


This call is for you, if…

You’re confused on what to focus on right now during this weird time

Your doctor doesn’t know why you’re not getting pregnant cuz everything ‘looks normal’

You’ve been postponed in your fertility treatments due to the virus & feeling anxious about what you should be doing right now

I’m opening up my line of support to give you the tools & empowerment to take control of your new direction

DM if you’re interested & I’ll send you the link <3


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