How to ‘Cut’ for Vacation

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How to ‘cut’ for vacation => DON’T
Just one of the many mistakes I see people make in their nutrition and body composition goals: try to lose weight and cut for a specific event that involves minimal working out, rich food, and excessive alcohol over a long period of time..
Our metabolism is extremely adaptable, so if we spend months training it to survive off of kale and chicken breast we are going to be in major trouble when we sit down to that all-inclusive resort buffet…
The truth is, we shouldn’t go on vacation and be worried that we are going to gain 10lbs upon our return…vacation of any kind should be an extension of how we eat on the regular with a few little treats here and there.
I’m not saying that our vacation should be restrictive and low calorie – what I’m saying is quite the opposite, actually…
The problem becomes when we’re perpetually dieting for parties, holidays, vacations, or weddings – we’re also perpetually training our metabolism to run at a snails pace.
So it’s no wonder it’s the norm to gain 10+lbs on vacay! Your metabolism, digestion, and enzymes aren’t geared up for the excess caloric intake you’re about to shove in your pie hole 4-5x per day on vacay.
So how do you cut for vacation? Wrap up any body composition goals a month BEFORE your planned vacay so that you have plenty of time to build your caloric intake back to maintenance so you can handle the fun foods and booze during your trip.
Have a trip coming up? Let us know where you’re going in the comments below!
And always, if this was a little confusing and you want to learn more, let us know if you’d like coaching.
Mahalo to @lahainacrossfit

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