How the Mind Can Contribute to Hashimoto’s

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Lately I’ve been stepping into my passion about how the subconscious stories/thoughts we feed our brain affect our physical health – one might call this the land of woo woo

Today I’m going to share a story about a client who came to me with a Hashimoto’s diagnosis

She reported that she was feeling off for more than a year

That she’d sleep a full 9 hours, but wake up exhausted

She was gaining weight for no apparent reason

She got upset and irritable over the smallest things

She felt ashamed that she yelled at her husband for breathing too loudly next to her!

She was already on thyroid meds, eating an autoimmune protocol diet, and taking many supplements, yet she was still feeling lack-luster about life

We needed to go deeper

Instead of JUST focusing on the SYMPTOMS of her diagnoses (fatigue, weight gain, dry hair and skin, irritability, depression), we needed to ‘BACK IT UP’ and look at what TRIGGERED this condition and what MEDIATES the condition to progress further

Where does the deeper level of healing exist?


We dug into the stories she had about her life, body & health

She felt scared to share her thoughts and feelings

She was constantly questioning herself / not speaking her mind

All signs that the energy of her throat chakra (where your thyroid resides) had been blocked – here’s the woo woo that you’ve all been waiting for!

We did some work around her thoughts that were keeping her stuck:

people won’t like me if I don’t agree with them

people won’t take me seriously  if I speak up

If I DO speak up I won’t get what I want or need… so what’s the point?

One by one, we took those thoughts apart and studied them

Where did they come from?

What were the immediate results of these thoughts?

What was future consequence of these thoughts?

We were able to replace her HEALTH-STEALING thoughts with LIFE-AFFIRMING thoughts

With new stories/beliefs/thoughts came new FEELINGS

These feelings convinced her brain that the world is SAFE

And feeling understood encouraged her to SPEAK HER MIND

And this led to more feelings of WHOLENESS because she was getting what she needed

The result? Not only did she PHYSICALLY feel better by taking more control and responsibility over her health, nutrition, exercise routine, but was also able to lower her dose of thyroid meds after her 6 month check up with her doctor

Woo Woo? You tell me!

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